Envie³Airfilled Motor

Where VERSATILITY meets high performance

Envie3 high efficiency air-filled motors come without application limitations. Offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations in the Barnes and Deming Brands, it is suitable for shallow wells, high water tables, and rocky terrain. Designed to run both submerged and dry run, these motors are where versatility meets high performance.


Patent pending, closed loop glycol cooling system that keeps motors stress-free, even in the most demanding applications
Premium efficient IE3 motor that delivers significant energy savings versus traditional motor offerings
Available in both non-clog and chopper options.
Made in the USA with best in class manufacturing lead times
Line Graph
Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and offered with a variety of user-friendly mounting hardware options
Easy to service with plug & play cord and commercially available mechanical seals and bearing components
Light Bulb
Rugged and modern design that looks great out of the box, and for years to come
Suitable for shallow wells, high water tables, and rocky terrain

Envie3 Offering

Sithe Envie


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